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Art Forum!

[06 August 2007|08:36pm]
I set up an art forum for my site today. It's functional, but it still needs a few tweaks here and there.


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In need of career advice . . .

[05 August 2007|09:13pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I am currently working in a job where I pretty much just put text on acrylic awards, edit a few graphics here and there, and run a laser engraver. It's insanely monotonous and I really do dislike it. Greatly. I have also come to dislike the company it's with, even though it technically IS a charity/non profit organization. While I think the basis behind it is great, the people running it . . . not so much. It's also full of crazy, pointless, and strict rules, plagued by low pay, and will only give an annual MAXIMUM raise of 3%. And, according to our baselines, we also do more work in one 8 hour day that most people would do in ten to seventeen hours because our department is so horribly understaffed.

The only good point is that it's an 8-5, M-F job, just like Avery's, so we get lots of time together.

Now, I have a passion for working with animals and have been going to this one local dog training school for around six months now with both of my dogs. They are expanding rapidly and just posted on the 1st of August an opening for a dog trainer who they would train thoroughly and get certified. This would be a part time job that would include evenings and weekends, greatly cutting into my time with Avery (not to mention our finances), but at the same time I would have more flexibility in my day schedule and could possibly pick up a second part time job at a vet clinic, and even possibly have more time to work on art! It really is a difficult thing to try and work out, but this job has the potential to be MUCH more fulfilling than my current one.

Should I even apply just to see what happens? There are probably people out there who are more qualified than me, so who knows, it might not even go anywhere.

Blaaargh. x.x

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Pit Bull Needs a HOME!!!

[16 July 2007|10:57pm]
Meet Zolf:

Unfortunately, he can't live with smaller dogs or with cats, plus he's quite an accomplished chain-link fence climber!

Other than those quirks, he is EXTREMELY sweet, submissive, playful, and FULL of kisses! He would be an amazing dog for anyone who's looking to do Schutzhund or personal protection work; he has SUCH a drive to play and please! He'd probably even be good for agility.

If you read his bio, yes that was my car he climbed in to! Lucky dog. :-P

He has also been getting along famously with Kaya, our Shiba Inu/GSD mix who is his height, but twenty pounds lighter. :-P Kaya is quite "Alpha" and has even put him in his place a couple of times without incident.

I also have him sitting and heeling, plus he already has a great innate recall, which is more than I can say for Kaya. :-P He prefers the ladies and gentle men; he's not much for the "rough" sort of guys who usually like his breed.

If you know anyone, please pass this along. We are trying so hard to find him a home! And even though he's being fostered by us, it's not exactly in the most "ideal" conditions. He has to stay crated in our garage with some fans going because of all of our cats, but he gets four to five walks daily and a bit of supervised backyard romp. We have a chain link fence at our current house and can't put him out without one of us out there.

But hey, it's better than having him immediately euthanized at the OKC shelter just because he's a Staffie/Pit bull. He has a big old blocky Staffie head, heh.

His adoption fee is $65 and we make regular trips to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area every month or so.

He has been neutered, fully vaccinated (including bordatella), and is heartworm negative. However, because of SEVERE flea allergies, he does have to be on flea preventative like Advantage, Revolution, or Frontline year round.

Please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested! We are willing to do whatever we can to get him to the right people. You can email me at thebluejackal(at)gmail(dot)com.
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And without you is how I disappear.

[26 February 2007|10:16pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I feel as if I've lost touch with a lot of what I had in college as far as the lovely world online is concerned, and even then I didn't take full advantage of it. There's a whole world at my fingertips that I can broadcast myself and my art to, but the pure anxiety of the amount of stuff I have to do is starting to get to me. I feel as if I'll be getting a lot less sleep over the next several days as I get my ruddy act together.

First off. Finish my damned website.
Secondly. Tear out and rebuild my Deviant Art gallery and get a subscription.
Thirdly. Give this whole MySpace thing a whirl.
Fourthly. Keep everything the fuck up.
And THEN I can continue preparing for AnimeFest along with everything else.

Time is exceptionally elusive when you work full time and have fourteen furry children, a lover, and a house to pay attention to. Ah well. I really just need to reorganize myself and go after everything like ruddy mad, especially now that the internet connection is working as it should.

But then there's that whole starting up some college classes thing again to get into vet school. x.x

We'll see what happens, ne? I shouldn't let myself fall off the face of cyberspace, should such a vacuous continuum in fact have a face.


And, during all this, we're still working on a manga. I want at least a COUPLE of pages to make it to AnimeFest, but Avery needs to get me some of the prologue first so I can plan for what I'm doing. X.x Not to mention a list of characters. Sigh. I shall remind her.

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Random Art Sale

[26 November 2005|01:27am]
I was going to post this on The Real Rat Community, but I can't because the forum is down. I need to raise some money to help pay for ratty medicine as my kids have managed to get yet another strain of SDA. It's a long story, but because my PetSmart is the only one in the district that is having problems with ratty respiratory illnesses according to our District Specialty Manager, it probably was carried back on a rat that was returned to our store.

Well. Great.

So. Here we go!

1) Mixed Breed: (2005) Dragon inked and colored with Prismacolor markers on 14X11 paper. $40

2) Kirin (2003) Green ballpoint pen on 11X8.5 paper. $25

3) Coytaur (2003) Pencil and watercolor on 12X9 bristol. $30

4) Windswept (2003) Dragon in black and white conte crayon on brown carton paper, approx 14X12. $30.

5) Look What I Got! Gryphon in green ballpoint pen on 11X8.5 paper. $20.

6) Shorradyn (2002) Winged cat in graphite and colored pencil, approx 8X5. $20.

7) Red Pen Dragon (2002) Red ballpoint pen on 8X5 paper. $15

8) Pengryph (2002) Gryphon in red ballpoint pen on 11X8.5 paper. $20.

9) On Stage (2002) Realistic anthropomorphic leopard in graphite on 8.5X11 paper. $35.

10) Night Run (2002) Unicorn in prismacolor and chalk pastel on 12X9 paper. $25.

11) Day's End (2002) Anthropomorphic cat and tiny dragon in graphite on 8.5X11 paper. $25.

12) Dawning (2002) Dragon in green ballpoint pen on approx 8X5 paper. $17.50.

13) Abana (2002) SOLD!

14) Petukala (2001) SOLD!

15) Journey On (2001) Anthropomorphic cat and tiny dragon in graphite on approximately 5.5X9 paper. $15.

Shipping Info:

$5 for the 14X11, $3 for everything else. If you're located outside the US, it'll be a bit higher.

Everything is shipped in a photo mailer surrounded by cardboard and wrapped in plastic.

Payment Info:

PayPal, cheque, and money order. A processing fee of $2 will be added to PayPal transactions using credit cards rather than bank accounts.

I'll be shoving anything that doesn't sell on Furbid in a week or so.

My email: thebluejackal at gmail dot com.
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Phone Post

[07 September 2005|09:47am]
47K 0:30
(no transcription available)
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Can I sell my HP and get a Mac?

[22 April 2005|12:12pm]

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[16 February 2005|04:33pm]
My journal is now COMPLETELY friends only.

If you're not a friend, then please comment to be added and let me know how I know you!

. . . Yes, there will be a banner here soon when I have a moment to make it.
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